Jokes About 10 Over 9 (And A Tiny Serious Part Of Reviewing The New Windows)

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 3, 2014

Jokes About 10 Over 9 (And A Tiny Serious Part Of Reviewing The New Windows)
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The funny part

OK, seriously? Microsoft is making joking about them way to easy. There is no challenge. Thus just imagine you’ve read some of those ‘the number 10 jokes’, ‘they skipped the good one jokes’ and ‘they are terrible with math jokes’. I’m sure your Twitter’s fool of them anyway. Oh well, there’s one I can’t miss:

We’ve listened to what our customers had to say and are presenting something they’ve actually been waiting for and wanted from us!

– WOW, WINDOWS XP 2.0! WINDOWS XP 2.0! YEY! They are giving us XP 2.0!

– Shut the hell up there, and here’s Windows 10! Deal with it!

And we are getting to the serious part (as serious as it can get with new Windows).

What’s new?

Why may 10 be afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9. And old kid’s joke that may be true to what is going in in Microsoft. The community got but a glimpse of the new OS and it somehow seems like a fusion of both 7 and 8 Windows. It may even come out to be something great (yes, I’m having the words ‘great’ and ‘Windows’ in one sentence).

What went wrong with 8? The Metro vision is just not mainstream. Although it had the potential Microsoft lead a rather strange politics of not explaining users why should they use new features, what are the benefits and why should people actually care about it. The Start screen was fine to my opinion, just misunderstood and oriented to mobile devices rather than PC’s slightly more. And Microsoft seem to work on their mistakes with 10.

Thus we are back with the loved and cared Start menu. That’s great news for all the 7 lovers. And it was quite improved with some of the features from Windows 8 that may and will be handy. There will be a great space for you to personalize to your demands and preferences. You will have your favorite apps and websites as close and easy to reach as it gets. The search is back and that is also a plus. And an updated plus as you will be getting results from both your PC and the web. The Windows app store is now not tablet-comfortable only as some work was done there as well. It is now resizable and movable.

Not too sure about their multitasking but hey, the work is still in progress. Adding and creating desktops? I believe I’ve already seen it somewhere… But still, this feature is quite handy if you are working with various multiple apps. So here we have a plus as well.

The worries

Microsoft has done a great thing allowing users to play with the new Windows for a bit and to send direct feedback to the project in progress. They are customizing Windows into something users really wish to see. All is actually looking great as for now so there is only one thing I am worried about:

  • Microsoft are still working on it.

All may be changed dramatically by the time Windows 10 is released. But let’s be optimistic. Even if it’s the new Windows we are talking about.

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