Jottacloud: One More App Lifts You Up to The Clouds
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Jottacloud: One More App Lifts You Up to The Clouds

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QArea Expert
November 27, 2012
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How does it work?

Full-featured Jottacloud apps are available on Windows, Mac OS. In iOS user can only view files in the cloud and upload some on it. This app brings more functionality to Android: photo/video synchronization, SMS/MMS contacts, etc.

Let’s consider Jottacloud for Mac OS X 10.8.2. For today this app is available only through the Jottacloud website. Once you install and run it, you can select folder you want to be synced with cloud. They use ‘Backup’ as a term but it’s rather sync – deleted local files are placed into the recycler and are irretrievably lost after 30 days. In comparison with Dropbox or Google Drive here you can select any folders.

Archive data is also available, but not really convenient-to-use. To add folder into the app you have to wait for synchronization then go to the site and move the content of the folder to the archive. After that you can delete the local files. They have been saved in the cloud. The data from the cloud you can download through the app or the website.

Key facts about Jottacloud

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android;
  • This is Norwegian service;
  • 5 Gb for free or 10 Gb if you register by the link-invitation;
  • You can raise up free limit to 100 Gb using invitations (5Gb per each);
  • Pay rates are divided into two categories: per Gb, per a single device;
  • Low rates.


  • 100 Gb are available for free and you can get it pretty easy;
  • ‘Infinite’ cloud storage for one computer only for 6$, and 3$ for mobile device.


  • Poor functionality, to fulfill some actions you need to visit the website;
  • Bugs. For example, the opened window of the app loads processor. If you hid the window everything is coming back to normal;
  • There is one more limitation – for each link the file can be downloaded only 100 times.

This is hard to say certainly about advantages and drawbacks of this app. Jottacloud is pretty green but promising application.


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