JRuby Conference Opened Doors in Berlin

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 27, 2013

JRuby Conference Opened Doors in Berlin
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JRuby Conference Opened Doors was held 14th and 15th of August, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

JRuby is a true gem of programming, highly valued both by developers and customers for simplicity and efficiency. JRubyConf gathers a wide range of speakers and a vast audience. This year is no exclusion, as the JRubyConf held at Berlin was a really popular event, gathering a plenty of bright speakers and creative, open-minded professionals.

The conference was held at a majestic building of Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin. It had a format of 2 days filled with short yet informative lectures held in 30 or 45-minutes long format. The keynote speakers were Tom Enebo and Charles Nutter from Red Hat, Inc. along with a group of other professionals.

The Main Topics of the Conference

As JRuby provides probably the best coding experience currently available for Java environment, ways of its implementation to other environments and APIs along with application and known issues were the main themes. Even though most of the visitors already have had some – or even decent – experience in JRuby programming, they surely gained a plethora of useful information, discovered brilliant solutions instead of trivial ways and gathered quite a ton of data to think over and apply in daily work.

Here is the short and approximate list of the Conference topics:

  • Optimizing Ruby
  • JRuby Pain Points,
  • Ruby for Java minds,
  • Krypt & JRuby,
  • JRuby and Scala – undividable,
  • JRuby on PaaS using TorqueBox,
  • Torquebox – enterprise with future possibilities available today,
  • JRuby can run anything,
  • Live long and prosper with Celluloid and JRuby,
  • and many others.

The full list of the topics is quite big and interesting. Both days ended up with parties and informal discussions.

QArea Representatives at JRubyConf

As Ruby is widely used in QArea’s daily routine, learning something new and useful is definitely a priority. QArea’s representatives visited JRubyConf to listen the most experienced users and speakers on the topic, share their experience and gain new knowledge on this fascinating environment. This goal was achieved in full, as they brought multiple records and examples of brilliant solutions made in real programming gem – JRuby. This will surely cause the further increase in quality of our services and improve our overall support quality even more.

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