Keep Your App Safe And Sound!

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 15, 2015

Keep Your App Safe And Sound!
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It’s no pint repeating that application security is of colossal value. That is an axiom and no further questions needed. But what may you do to improve security of you applications and prevent all kinds of malicious influence?

  • What can the traffic in between the Web server and your app show you? Tools which are allowing you with viewing such traffic are mostly used for testing purposes yet they are extremely well with improving your security. You are to go through such traffic manually and look up some calls which may be manipulated with.
  • Application layer also requires a touch of security. But do not consider going deeper to the device level as it is what manufacturers are responsible for, not you. You are to use devices potential to your assistance and adjust settings, true. But do not change them radically.
  • Have a separate container for important data in your application. It will be easier to protect rather than the entire app. Relevant data will be treated in a different way within such an approach and will be harder to retrieve, which is great.
  • Do not neglect available anti-malware tools. There are a lot of such available, thus consider using their potential to your advantage. Consider, however, the brand name of the toll and specialists that have been working on it. Do your research, find reviews and comments. And only after all that consider any tool applicable.
  • Make sure applications are not saving passwords. In a perfect world a password is to be entered into a mobile application any time a user wishes to run it. Alas, we are not living in a perfect world. But you are still to pay extra attention to the login screen and the password part.
  •  All data transmits are to be encrypted. This is a commonly mistreated step regardless of it being the obvious one. Rush to delivery makes developers trip in same places over and over again. Not nice.

Those are just several tips that will be assisting you in developing safe solutions. But they are a great start in heading your thoughts in just the right direction.

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