Kendo UI framework for HTML5 Developers

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on December 1, 2011

Kendo UI framework for HTML5 Developers
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Kendo-UIToday, the launch of the Kendo UI framework was announced by the leading solutions provider and developer tools Telerik. Kendo UI targeted at professional software developers. It delivers HTML5, JavaScript and everything needed for front-end development.

Todd Anglin, EVP, Kendo UI said, “Today building websites and applications with HTML5 and JavaScript is a practice in self-assembling toolsets and an array of libraries to build a platform that has all of the essential components for development. This approach is admissible for hobby projects, but it is full of licence and support risks. Also it is difficult to learn, upgrade and maintain, and it wastes time of developers. Kendo UI offers a unified framework that has all the necessary building components of HTML5 and JavaScript that solve the mentioned problems.”

Kendo UI three packages:
– Kendo UI Web: a great number of HTML5 JavaScript UI widgets, containing a Grid, basic framework components such as touch-enabled drag-and-drop, Data Source, and JavaScript templating engines that is very fast.
– Kendo UI DataViz: data visualization widgets of HTML5, comprise animated charts.
– Kendo UI Mobile CTP: Kendo UI widgets preview built to solve the problems while building Mobile applications with HTML5.

Kendo UI leverages the newest in JavaScript web standards,CSS3 and HTML5, building popular jQuery JavaScript library, while delivering support for all main browsers, such as Firefox, Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and also mobile browsers on Android and iOS.

Svetozar Georgiev, CEO, Telerik said, “Developers who faced with fragmented computing landscape are using JavaScript and HTML5 for building a software that can reach the largest possible audience and run anywhere. Kendo UI helps developers to embrace the future risks faster and simplifies the adoption of the quickly evolving platform. This framework also serves as an Telerik`s opportunity to make a move beyond its .NET roots and use our knowledge to provide tools for the wide world of JavaScript and HTML5 developers.”

During the Kendo UI release it will cost $399, including Kendo UI DataViz, Kendo UI Web, all updates and access to professional support for one year. It is under Open Source (GPLv3), commercial licenses and free commercial trial licenses are available too.

Kendo UI information
Kendo UI is a complete JavaScript and HTML5 developers` solution that delivers everything needed to develop modern and standards-based websites and applications. It is based on jQuery and delivers HTML5-powered data visualizations, rich UI for the web, and different tools for building mobile applications with HTML5.