Kickstarter Lvov Style!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 21, 2014

Kickstarter Lvov Style!
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A team of developers from Lvov have beaten all Ukrainian startup records with their Smart Atoms project – LaMetric smart ticker. They have already raised $258 000 and still have 29 days until the campaign is complete. More than 1500 backers were willing to help a team from Ukraine that is full of great ideas, software development skills and has a vision of their own.

So what is all the fuss about?

LaMetric is a smart clock ticker with an appealing screen consisting of bright, sharp, square pixels that allows you to monitor all that is important to you, from weather to stock markets. It informs you of new mail and massages, reminds of important dates or meetings. All it takes is plugging the device in and using Wi-Fi or Ethernet to operate it via a special mobile app. Or you can switch between things relevant to you at the moment using buttons on top of the device. You can even send pictures and massages that will be displayed (a sweet way to make a surprise to somebody who is at home, near the device). Thus the device is equally useful in your regular daily life as well as in you busy day at work.

How cool is it?

This startup has beaten Kickstarter results of such projects as:

  • Petcube, $251 000. A cube designed for your pets not to feel left and bored, while you are not home. A project born to succeed with all the animal lovers around us.
  • iBlazr with its required $56 000 gained in ten days. The project is making portable flashes for iOS and Android.

It means that “software development Ukraine” is a field young minds love to work in. Thus Ukraine is proving to be a real-deal good startup factory crawling with little geniuses that simply need a small push to achieve the desired. Just look around you and, perhaps, you will see the next Zuckerberg or Wozniak.