LinkedIn as a Social Media Tool for Your Company Infographic

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 27, 2012

LinkedIn as a Social Media Tool for Your Company Infographic
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LinkedIn is a social network which connects professionals from all over the world. Actually, it may become a revolutionary discovery to your business! Try to imagine: lots of professional connections worldwide, increased traffic to your website, huge targeted audience in one place… All these things are possible if only you know exactly how to use this great network as a social media tool.

QArea software development company introduces the Infographic which could be of assistance to companies interested in promoting their services in LinkedIn social network.

First Step. Determine your goals

Before you start to promote your Company in LinkedIn make sure you know exactly your marketing goals as well as your business potential. Think a lot. Make a SWOT analysis if necessary evaluating your Company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Determine the things you are good at and use them in SMM strategy to achieve your goals.

Second Step. Create a rich brand presence

What does your Company need to be represented in LinkedIn network first of all? Any thoughts? OK, I’ll help. Your Company needs rich Company’s profile!

Take a look at Infographic above and find out which parts are to be represented in successful Company’s profile.

Fortunately, LinkedIn allows you to promote your business not with Company’s profile only but also with your own professional profile. Grab this opportunity! Create fully completed and highly optimized professional profile with eye-catching sections.

Third Step. Promote yourself

You have at least three tools to promote yourself in LinkedIn for free:

  • Group discussions;
  • Questions and Answers;
  • Share button.

Make a maximum use of them with our tips described on Infographic above.

Fourth Step. Analyze

Take this step approximately in one month after beginning your social media marketing strategy. Evaluate the most efficient methods for your business and use them in further promotion.

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