Looking 4 iPhone Apps That Will Satisfy Your Business Needs?

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February 23, 2015
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iPhone Application Development has granted businesses quite a deal worth investing. Business on the go is more on a necessity today hence your business, just as your cared child requires attention otherwise it will grow up into a rebelling teenager who smokes weed and listens to Justin Bieber. We don’t want that now, do we?

Today’s devices allow practically unlimited functionality to users. There are many amazing things you can do to manage your business straight from your iPhone. Here are several tools that will help you in the future, apps that have revolutionized the world of business to iPhone holders.

  • HanDBase will cost you 10 dollars. What will you receive for that money? A nice and handy app for your database management purposes. You have a lot of info and are finding it hard to navigate through those volumes of data keeping track is a pain without even mentioning the variety of places where all is stored? HanDBase is a lifesaver for you. This is a nice solution for a small business owner that requires fast access and track of customers or products or whatever. This app comes packed with a desktop partner for synchronization between your databases. You are also capable of importing data from Excel with HanDBase.
  • iWork is also an $10 worth app. This is probably the best iPhone Office Suit there is. Word page processor, a spread sheet for numbers, presentations made via Keynote and more will be placed within your grasp any time anywhere (as long as your iPhone’s charged).
  • CamCard is an app available for $2.99. Business cards are switched more often than gloves. But cards are lost way too often, which is a pain and manually transporting all those contacts into your phone is a pain barely worth the effort. And CamCard will automate the process of transfer for you.
  • Mint is a nice free personal finance app. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner the solution is great for making changes and tweaks in the budget as well as keeping a track of spending, accounts and credit cards. Try it out.
  • will transform your phone into a real deal customer support center. The app is also free, by the way. You will be able of seeing all your customers in one spot and you will have the potential of engaging with them. also monitors social media like Twitter or Facebook and your mail box hence you won’t miss a message. The tool is designed for you to conveniently reply to receive messages on the go.

We hope it was helpful!

We know what Apple user wants

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