Major Changes are Coming! How Will Our Loved Facebook Look Like Shortly?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 30, 2015

Major Changes are Coming! How Will Our Loved Facebook Look Like Shortly?
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The need to change

Facebook, the largest social network is slowly loosing audience nowadays due constant competition from more narrow targeted competitors are literally hypnotizing today’s young generation with new capabilities. Basically Facebook audience pretty much consists of youngsters that are still open to the new and better and the increasing amount of startups provides people with just that kind of stuff.

This process is barely noticeable because, hey, Facebook is pretty much enormous however the bells have already alerted just the right kind of folk and, hence, we are facing some major shifts and changes in the giant himself.

Let’s face it, people behind Facebook are really smart and will never loosen the grip on their golden goose unless the situation is a complete and total failure which it is not as for now. That is why we have been presented all these amazing changes that are supposed to keep grandpa Facebook up-to-date and they most likely will. New opportunities for businesses and marketers (especially marketers, you do remember the golden goose part) will shortly be available and I’d have to face it, things do look impressive.

The changes

  • The first cool thing worth noticing is the addition of spherical videos to the news feed. 360degree camera tech is what we are talking about now. This gives you the personal presence effect as well as a nice touch of interactivity. Users will no longer be stuck to just watching over what is happening on their screen. They will be able to change the degree of what they are viewing just like they can on Google Maps Street View but in a video. Sounds amazing? Wait for it, because Oculus VR tech will also be supported if you have a helmet. (By the way YouTube will be doing the very same thing, so a new era of video marketing will shortly emerge).
  • One more nice change to the videos placed on Facebook will be the fact that posted videos may now be easily embedded elsewhere online rather than the poor possibilities of linking to videos presented earlier.
  • Great news for developers! They will get nice analytics for their own apps for free. A dashboard designed to show who is interacting with an app and where from, etc. is what we are talking about here.
  • The Messenger app now plays nicer with other kinds in the sandbox meaning users can now open third party applications straight within the Messenger to post their content. Third party apps will also be promoted through the Messenger directly, which is also a nice new path for marketers. And such apps will be easily downloaded from where would you think? That’s right, from within the Messenger.
  • One more neat update to the Messenger is that business communications and the ability of tracking purchases is now available within it. The app will shortly be integrated into various e-commerce sites. Whenever somebody is making a purchase an option will be granted of connecting it to the Messenger app for notifications so no more sets of pointless and disturbing e-mail confirmations and updates. Yey!

There are some nice changes going on within Facebook granting more fresh space to more users and marketers. Let’s see how that will turn out, right?