Make People Click Your HTML Letter By Following The Following Tips!

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 20, 2014

Make People Click Your HTML Letter By Following The Following Tips!
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HTML may power your letter to be as beautiful and effective as no plain text will ever be. People love buying things that are fancy looking by from all sides. An e-mail may be considered your visit card, thus it has to represent you by all 100%. But still something that is simply beautiful may not be enough! Thus here are some tips for you with improving your lead generation, clickthrough and open rates.

  • Let’s begin with the preview text. This is the text following your subject line. The words visible as a preview of your letter before it is even open. First of all, try keeping it 50 and less characters. Be sure the text is what your reader is interested in or, at least the best of what you have to offer. If there is no preview text the e-mail client will pull it from your mail’s body which won’t be quite as selling or informative.
  • The plain text version also needs to be nice! Just think about all those users whose mail clients are not supporting HTML letters or the users who willingly chose to see plain text only. Your letter may seem as a set of ridiculously long URL’s and some unknown symbols accompanied with some text. Would you be reading something of that sort? Thus spent extra couple of minutes for your letter to look sharp in all of its forms.
  • And, if you want your mail’s content to look both fancy as well as unique you way wish transferring some PSD to E-mail. Thus a pic created by your designers will serve several more goals. Nice, right?
  • <a href=”HTTP://”> <img src=”Pictures”/> </a> is but one of many tools you may use. Transforming your images into links is a great way of improving your click-through rates without overcrowding your letter with links.
  • Social sharing buttons are something you don’t want to miss in your e-mail. People sharing your letter are doing your work for you while you are busy counting earned money. But sharing buttons are never to be follow buttons. Shares and follows simply have different purposes and the ones of follow are not the ones you would be expecting from your e-mail marketing campaign.
  • Have some lazy tweets! Not everybody will be eager to share all the delightful content your letter possesses. Linking a lazy tweet to a social sharing button ought to do it for those kinds of people.

These five things seemingly easy to do will improve your campaign dramatically and after you are giving them a shot you will never stop using those tips. Trust me!

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