Make Your Social Media Branding More Human!

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on June 8, 2015

Make Your Social Media Branding More Human!
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Social Media is an astonishing tool you may achieve great results with. Simply imagine all the available opportunities of global customer reach, branding and even more engagement in your business social networks may provide you with. However, despite everything listed above only few businesses are great with this kind of marketing, whilst the majority, despite full understanding of this matters vitality remain far from achieving any decent results.

So is perfect social media activity a treat for only the chosen to harvest?

I would not be putting social media marketing as something only few may gain from. There are many people who are really great with it; that is true. But this fact does not mean things should remain the same way. You can easily change your approach to social networks and create a solid, active and stable brand overfilled with fans who really love both what you do as well as what you say!

There is one shared mistake numerous businesses tend to make and by making it most their campaigns are already destined to fail: businesses are not humanized. Surely you may position yourself as a solid, serious business with long history of growth and numerous achievements. And moreover, you should do so, however, when in social networks your business can not afford being a robot, you will have to become a serious person who represents this very business. You can’t just post regular news updates without a personal touch day after day at the same time and expect results.

How can I be a person?

Here are several astonishing tips that will help your business to be more human in the world of social networks:

  • Start with your brand logo. It has to be present, yet it’s not a hiding spot, share collective photos and actual faces on media like Facebook or Google+. You will earn much trust that way and you will state you are a person, not an object. Why do so? Because people hate having business with objects. Mere psychology, as is everything else listed below.
  • If you post you must talk from the first person, use ‘we’ or even ‘I’ when your business is you as a one man army. Also avoid using professional slang or jargon if such phrases are not common knowledge.
  • When you engage into a conversation, address others by their name. People will love such an approach and will appreciate your respect to them. Thus you will state your business treats people as humans, not consumers.
  • Tell your story. One story may take several posts with images and videos or whatever. You may require professional marketing assistance for such tasks and serious investments, however the revenue you will face will definitely be worth every dime if all was done right.
  • Listen to what people have to say. React to their comments, interact with them. Show your customers you care!

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