This Is How You Make Your Website Both Interactive And Addictive!

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on May 26, 2015

This Is How You Make Your Website Both Interactive And Addictive!
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Well, we live in a world where great content is not enough anymore for any website to perform cutting-edge performance. If you want actual people to really stick to your site, and if you want them to return over and over you must grant them with numerous ways they can interact with both your business and each other through the site you have provided.

Making your site addictive is the ultimate key to success on the web and that involves ROI, marketing and advertising campaign improvements, greater sales, better branding and customer reach, and much-much more. But where does one start to create the perfect interactive website visitors will love and feel connected to?

  • All roads lead to content. If your content presents no value and is not interesting to your target audience you will not force people to visit your site over and over. After all you can’t aim a gun at everyone with demands of higher conversion rates! But content is but step one. It’s like a basis, your foundation for the future.
  • Try out content syndication. Various hot news with relevance to your area of interest, business and/or your industry exist all around the web waiting for you to feed them. All info required from syndication may be gained from the content provider and it won’t take much more than a bit of JavaScript for all to work greatly placed exactly where you want it on the site. This way your visitors will always be updated with latest industry news and trends without any effort from your side. You adjust this thing once, and continuously gain from it.
  • Ask visitors about their opinions. Conduct a survey or any other opinion polls. When people are asked something they usually o answer and this triggers their self-esteem in a nice way that is truly beneficial to your website. First of all you get involved visitors and you gain data required for numerous researches, planning and marketing campaigns.
  • You may arrange a tool for visitors to communicate with each other like a forum or some discussion boards. That way people will gain answers to numerous questions without involving your support team. They will constantly get back with you to lean if there are any updates to their messages and they will get into numerous conversations regarding topics that are on interest to them. A triple win!
  • Teach people how to use your products or any other aspect from the industry. Tutorials on things are always hot in demand, especially if they are properly designed as beautiful presentations or videos. You can dive deeper with interactive videos even! Possibilities are endless, whilst your visitors know you care for them and support them.

These five simple tricks actually perform magic! Try them out and enjoy loads of traffic!