Making Small Business Dreams Come True One App at a Time

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 9, 2016

Making Small Business Dreams Come True One App at a Time
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Small businesses owners have always had a lot to keep track of. Getting the right business licenses, finding the right investors, building an inventory, locating good property, and partnering with the right insurance agent. These are just a few of the things on the small business to-do list.

Today’s startups have a whole new realm of items to check off the list. Building a website, making the website visible to others, and empowering their business’ workers and customers with great mobile apps are the new must have’s for the startup. Since mobile customers have now overtaken desktop computer customers in terms of sheer numbers, a startup simply can’t let this enormous potential market share go unattended. It is essential to have mobile-friendly websites, mobile apps, and other digital marketing tools. Without these tools, a startup can’t begin to tap into the powerful platforms of social marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing — all of which are the lifeblood of today’s businesses.

However, navigating these waters alone isn’t possible for many startups, because, unless you’re specifically a tech startup, you probably don’t have the know-how to go it alone. Hiring professional app developers can not only be expensive, the process can be daunting, even for experienced, large enterprises. Enter the universe of collaborative development.

Collaborative development is part of the overall trend toward crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is the act of pooling the resources of the general public (in other words, the ‘crowd’ in ‘crowdsourcing’) to get something done. You might have even used a crowdsourcing method, such as GoFundMe, Indegogo, KickStarter, or RocketHubto fund your startup business. Crowdsourcing isn’t just for funding, though. Crowdsourcing can (and is) also used as a powerful tool for app development.

A number of innovative companies have turned to crowdsourcing for product development, such as brainstorming new ideas for products or honing and refining rudimentary ideas and developing them into viable, marketable solutions. App development can also be done via crowdsourcing — and has been done successfully with extraordinary software like the Linux group of operating systems, VMware (the leading software for creating and powering virtual machines), and Hadoop (the most popular and widely-used platform for leveraging Big Data).

Like your startup, all of these projects began as an elementary idea by a single individual or a small group of people. But, through crowdsourcing, pooling the knowledge, experience, resources, and efforts of a large group of collaborating app developers, these projects were threshed into market leaders in their respective industries. Your development needs can be handled the same way.

Our Journey Begins with You

Are you used to hearing companies say ‘Your journey begins with us’? Well, in a collaborative environment like that of these developers, the journey can’t begin with them. Essentially, these knowledgeable, experienced programmers can’t get started until you do! You have to decide what they need to do for you. Then determine when you need it done. They have the know-how, but you have to bring the know-what — the idea that they need to get started on in order to build something spectacular for you. Since the efforts are collaborative, the result is a one-of-a-kind custom software application that has been peer-tested and peer-reviewed for maximum efficiency, productivity, solvency, and functionality.

Leave the Driving to Us

Having a large group of app developers collaborating on your project means you’ve got many more eyes, ears, and great minds working together to find the perfect solution.

Once you’ve established the ‘where you’re going’ part, QArea can take over the ‘how to get there’. We are experienced with the collaborative development process. We can thoroughly explain to you how the process works, how long it should take, and what you can expect along the way. You will get regular progress reports during the process, so it isn’t like putting your development project on the open market, hoping it gets picked up, and praying that whoever does pick it up happens to know what in the dickens they’re doing.

We Didn’t Bring You This Far to Leave You

Once you’ve turned your important development project over to the pros at QArea, you can get back to focusing on the more critical aspects of getting your new business off the ground.

While the collaborative app development process is promising, thrilling, and even a bit wow-inducing, it isn’t something for the startup to be left alone with. As we talked about before, there are too many other things to take care of during this critical time. You can’t possibly work with your lenders, draw up good contracts, choose the ideal piece of real estate, and hire the best of the best workers, all while worrying about how your website or mobile app are coming along. That’s why you have QArea by your side. We can act as your guide — making sure that you’re getting what you need and expect, while taking the ‘what’s happening now’ worry off your agenda as things progress.

QArea’s motto is, ‘Many people, one process, a shared goal, and the best solution’. Studies show that when it comes to problem-solving, groups do a better job than individuals, because a group brings a variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, experiences, ideas, and knowledge bases, whereas individuals can only approach problem-solving from a singular vantage point. Groups also have the advantage of being able to overcome the ‘forest for the trees’ syndrome, where a person gets so deeply entrenched in the issue that they can’t see around even the obvious obstacles. When you have a guide like QArea leading the way, collective development can actually have a powerful advantage over traditional development, where a small group of people with very similar background and experiences tries to work toward developing a new product.

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