Making The Best Of Your App Marketing Campaign

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 1, 2015

Making The Best Of Your App Marketing Campaign
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Mobile apps are something people are using multiple times and on a daily basis. Push notifications may be the best way of driving sales to new frontiers if approached wisely. We are open to amazing capabilities of cross-channel app advertising and marketing today however let’s leave this part be for a while until we are clear with Profiles.


This is a relatively new concept as well as the very idea of cross-channel marketing. Profiles are storages of data about users of your applications. There are vast amounts of all kinds of data you may gain to use in your marketing campaigns and especially push notifications that may now be personalized and appropriate to any situation.

For example if a customer has just bought jeans on your e-commerce platform your standard ad stating you have great deals on jeans might not have any affect. However you are free to display such customer and advertisement with a jacket or a baseball hat that would look great with the wear that was recently purchased. You hit two birds with one stone: you get personal with a customers that now believes you know him slightly better and care about what he may need and you are reducing marketing costs on campaigns that are not giving any value and might even be harmful to business due being inappropriate.

Cross-Channel Marketing

This is the marketing approach designed around just such Profiles. Cross-Channel Marketing focuses on personal data received from applications, its management and possible use to your advantage. This approach is very people-centric which gives you the upper age in modern world on advanced technology and socialization. All should flow pretty much like in the example that was given above.

How do I market in this way?

First things first. Decide on the objectives of your marketing campaign. What would you require achieving? Sales, leads, likes, downloads or branding perhaps? Ask yourself this nice set of questions and let the answers you provide guide you further on. The questions are:

  • What is your app aimed at and what are its goals with respect to other platforms?
  • What are exact conversions you require?
  • How are people cooperating and engaging with your business outside the app?

One neater trick to know is that you do not require all possible information about your customers. You may seem like a creepy stalker if you will be using data you were never supposed to have in your ad campaigns. Just use whatever you require for targeting like age or gender or hobbies and occupations. Don’t get too personal.

And another pro tip would be: try using the data your users are willing to provide yet do not push them too hard. Start with the registration, gather answers to questions about name and e-mail. Don’t go further as you are technically meeting a stranger that is not willing to share personal data with you yet.  After users are spending some time within your app try finding out more relevant data that may matter to the applications orientation or to your marketing campaign.

And remember, always be careful with the knowledge you have gained and use personal data wisely as you are now responsible for personal lives of other people.

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