Making Your App Notifications Work 4 You

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 11, 2015

Making Your App Notifications Work 4 You
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In-app Notifications

In-app notifications are a crucial part of both mobile application development and proper business as well as marketing strategy. Beep-beep. That would be sound of a notification on anybody’s smartphone. The sound that is making millions of people reach out to their devices every single day. Well, the sound may differ yet the point is still the same. Proper notification strategy will make users more encouraged within your app and increase sales of the apps themselves as well as goods within the applications. But if your app’s notifications are done poorly they are not causing any effect but irritation and bad user experience. This may even lead to people actually deleting your app from personal devices of theirs.

What does really matter to greatly realized notifications?

  1. Perfect timing! Notifications are to be relevant and are to come in a great time. If you are waking people up in the middle of the night screaming about your new discounts you will not be appreciated. However if your app, let’s say a navigational application or something of that sort rings a bell about where to go and what to see in New York when a user enters the city, well that’s what I call a nice touch in a great time.
  2. Intrigue! Everybody loves a little bit of mystery hence humans are curios by nature. Make users interesting in clicking on your notifications. Your words may end with a questing mark to encourage people with finding the answer out. There is a catch here, though. Same words won’t work twice so you will require to be creative all the way.
  3. Call to action! Remind people of things they may forget, like a meeting for example. Remind them there are several updates on their FB page they may consider reviewing or whatever else may be of service to your user.

These three easy tricks will make users fall in love within your app and will make them ready to whatever you are willing to offer. Addiction and comfort are the key in the business where new solutions are bursting out on a daily basis.

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