Man VS Machine in Software Testing

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 24, 2014

Man VS Machine in Software Testing
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Automation Software Testing

So what is Automated Testing? It means that whenever the tester needs to check the performance of some software of any sort he writes scripts and uses other, specialized software to accomplish the test. It is mostly used to repeatedly re-run the scenarios that were done manually in a fairly faster way. Such testing improves accuracy and increases the test coverage. It also saves a lot of time and, as a result, a lot of money. And, nevertheless, it is simply impossible to automate everything. So you would rather use this type of testing on GUI items and connections with databases. It is also efficient in areas, that include a large amount of users.

So how is it done? You will need one of the automated software applications and a supportive computer language of any kind, like VB scripting for example. There are a lot of various tools out there and it is only up to you to decide which will serve your goals better.

Manual Testing

On the other hand we have Manual Testing. It is a kind of testing which involves usage of various test scenarios, cases, and test plans. Manual Testing does not involve any automated tools or scripts. It means that the tester is taking the role of an average user and runs the program to find the bugs and errors. Testers mostly explore the software to find anything that can lead to unexpected consequences. Manual Testing may provide better results, yet it is more expensive and time-consuming than Automation Testing. But the more time a tester spends on manual testing the better chances he has to eliminate all the actual bugs. And it allows to perform more ad-hoc (random testing).

Which one is better? Who knows. Every type has it’s advantages and is in one way better than the other. It depends on the kind of software that particularly you need to test.