Marketing Mistakes That Have Proven To Be Lethal To Many Software Businesses

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 18, 2014

Marketing Mistakes That Have Proven To Be Lethal To Many Software Businesses
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There are often business failures happening due various unpredicted reasons, and that is something any businessman is dealing with every morning after breakfast, but there are also mistakes that may not be allowed. Mistakes that are 100% leading to failure. Mistakes you were aware of. Mistakes as:

  • Playing customer. Bu this I mean assuming you are your future customer. A customer is software is not just a person buying your application. It’s every user of your product as well. And people with influence like the ones making decisions on whether any company should or not purchase what you have to offer and bloggers as well as vloggers that will be making reviews of your software. Can you possibly be all those people? So how may you assume what all of them desire? Regardless of whether you are selling your software to any particular business or a variety of users around the globe you will never be able to consider all going on in your customer’s heads. That is why research of your target audience is a necessity. A sophisticated study made by professionals that is. Or it would even help in hiring a third-party consultant as he will not be having that corporate view of your ‘world’s best’ software.
  • While commencing such a research you are not to consider what users want as they most often are not quite sure themselves. You are to focus your study on what users need your software for. Let’s take an example. Users might wish for several themes already in the application. Such a requirement does seem nice and may be of value to end-users, but what about proper configurations, the extra work and, if users will be making adjustments on their own it may make your software look terrible. So what needs to be asked is why you would want users to change themes. What value will such an option have to end-users? If your research is showing your primary color pallet will be hard for those who are colorblind and will require adjustments specify just that. Be precise. Always be precise on why are you implementing this or that feature.
  • Marketing is never cheap. Surely SEO and social media as well as e-mail campaigns are relatively inexpensive. But they are only seeming that way. Well, those are actually free to a user, but you are to face some facts. First of all you will require quality content. Secondly you will require to monitor whether your marketing is working and to make appropriate adjustments. And many online resources have colossal marketing potential, yet they are charging good money for that. Surely there are many free tools as Google Analytics, etc. But there are still marketers operating such tools and they are not free as well.
  • Marketing is not about clicks. Sure there are many charts and graphs and data and ROI, etc. But marketing is only half about delivering your message. If your pages have many visitors this does not, by default mean you will have many sales.

And here are several minor tips any software business is to remember as well:

  • People will not be buying your expensive software just because it’s better than cheaper competitors. There is to be a balance here between what your target audience may spend on software and the price you are willing to charge.
  • Just building software is not enough. Even if it is the best of what mankind has to offer people need to know of it before buying.
  • Not all requirements are in a need for business specifications.

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