How to Master a Skype Interview in 8 Steps

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 26, 2014

How to Master a Skype Interview in 8 Steps
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How to Master Skype Interview

A face-to-face meeting with an employer is a usual thing for everybody who’s ever searched for job. But as technology progresses, businesses use all the chances this advancement provides. Thus, job interviews on Skype have become so spread recently, especially in every other IT outsourcing company, one should take it seriously and get really prepared for it if they want to pass that job interview successfully.

So, here are our 8 tips we want to share with those IT people who are up to Skype interviews.

  1. Before the interview, you should prepare for it properly. As you are going to sit and speak in front of the camera, practice it first. Use any recording software and train speaking and behaving on camera smartly. By watching your recorded performance you’ll get the right idea about your strengths and weaknesses before the interview.
  2. Now, as you’re sure you look great on camera when nobody’s around, it’s time to involve people in your practice to ensure you aren’t going to be lost as soon as there’s another person on your screen. Ask somebody to listen to you in a Skype video conference and don’t forget to get their feedback.
  3. If you want to let an employer know you’re a business person already before the interview, maintain your image by brushing up your Skype profile photo and information.
  4. Take care to add a potential employer on your contact list beforehand to let them know you appreciate them and to avoid the blunder of not being able to contact that person by video starting the interview.
  5. Check your tech for broadband Internet connection and a working web camera. It’s also a good reminder to close all the other programs and windows you’ve been using to be safe nothing interrupts you from the interview or send an interviewer a hint that you may be not very serious about the interview.
  6. Do all the above steps timely to prevent yourself from being late for the interview because of some unexpected problems.
  7. Make everything look fine to suggest a business-like atmosphere in which a regular job interview is usually held. Choose a quiet place, make sure the location looks tidy, mind how the light falls and sit so that your face is perfectly visible. And remember to dress officially enough for a job interview even if you are in your bed room.
  8. When you’ve made it and the interview is finished, thank your interviewer by e-mail once more – it’ll suggest your good manners and appreciation of a job offer.

Now you are ready to get it done perfectly!