Matplotlib for Python Developers Book Review

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 17, 2012

Matplotlib for Python Developers Book Review
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Matplotlib for Python Developers is written as a tutorial for Python developers which have chosen Matplotlib plotting library for creating charts and graphs.

What is Matplotlib?

Matplotlib is a multiplatform library which can be used to create charts, diagrams, histograms and other figures using Python programming language. It is a useful tool for preparing various analysis, presentations and scientific researches.

What is book about?

This book is positioned as a manual for Matplotlib library. The book discloses terminology of Matplotlib, and presents examples of codes and images which can be plotted.

The structure of book is represented by step-by-step guidance starting from installation of library and finishing by special features and options for advanced users.

Matplotlib for Python Developers starts with presenting of features and possibilities. First chapter also includes detailed installation process. Then you are taught to create simple figures using Python codes. The theoretic base is supported by examples given, so you can try to create new drawings immediately.

The transition from one stage to another in book seems quite logical. So the reader won’t experience shock when the next page will be full of unclear instructions and unknown terms. However, experienced python developers may notice that author represent non-traditional approach to some features, but such cases are explained in details in next chapters, so experienced programmers can get used to them.

Further, you are also taught to operate with applications that use GTK+, Qt and wxWidgets libraries and integrate Matplotlib libraries in them. Moreover, it will be explained how to work with GUI libraries as well as with GUI designer tools and examples will be given.

Who should read this book?

Whether you are experienced developer, dedicated Matlab user or just person interested in such stuff, you can find out mass of interesting information from this book and learn to create large variety of complex figures using Python language writing no more than couple of dozens of code.