Max Garkavtsev visited the Startup Networking Group Meeting

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 26, 2008

Max Garkavtsev visited the Startup Networking Group Meeting
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November 26, 2008 – Max Garkavtsev, the Founder of QArea, visited the Startup Networking Group Meeting which took place in Santa Monica, CA. About 206 Business Leaders participated in the meeting and readily discussed such topics as Career Club, Entrepreneur, Social Enterprise, Business Strategy and Networking.

The Meeting’s core strategy is to build a network of successful entrepreneurs which allows getting connections to marketing, finance, website, business planning, distribution and legal professionals. The group opens the opportunity to make some powerful connections and be involved in a forum of people who love business and have a lot of creative ability.

“It’s very difficult and time-consuming to search and predict business trends, global changes and innovations and transfer them into the beneficial ideas. Startup Networking Group Meeting is a brain trust/network which gives other people insights into the process of business models execution, – says Max Garkavtsev, – The networking and cooperation with successful and smart people is always interesting and challenging. It broadens the outlook which helps predict and timely alarm the emerging fluctuations and generate ingenious strategies.”