Microsoft Azure Compute: what seems to be the problem?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 7, 2012

Microsoft Azure Compute: what seems to be the problem?
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Microsoft Azure ComputeLet’s go to speak a bit about cloud. Not about cloud on the sky, but about cloud computing platform. Today we suggest discussing Windows Azure Platform created by Microsoft and one confusing problem that this online-service came up against recently.
Microsoft Azure Compute is a special cloud platform for web development, where you can host and run them. A short time ago, the Technical Support Department of Redmond’s Company has got some complaints about wrong work their cloud service. Representative of Microsoft said that there were few outages in February and what do you think was a cause of this one? It was a small bug in software with serious consequence, which is explained quite easy.
As we know February usually consist of 28 days, but this year is a leap and February has got one extra day. The day of February 29th caused a bug, however, now it has been fixed. Nevertheless, skeptics say that situations like this are intolerable to such company as Microsoft. The similar issues can be a reason making the customers not to trust the Corporation fromRedmondin general.
Finally, we want to say that situation described above is a striking example of typical important test case.