Microsoft’s ‘One Cloud For All Your Purposes’ Or Future Cloud Services Of 2015

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 1, 2014

Microsoft’s ‘One Cloud For All Your Purposes’ Or Future Cloud Services Of 2015
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One cloud for all

Cloud services are getting bigger. The new Dynamic CRM app currently under Microsoft’s caring development promises to meet all the businesses expectations in the nearest future. There will also be some updates with MS Dynamic CRM Online as well as MS Dynamic Marketing service. All that effort will be put to meet one goal. Providence of a unique single cloud platform with all the potential necessary for any enterprise’s sales, services and marketing purposes.

The brand new-&-shiny Dynamic CRM is supposed to have splendid features for collaboration between sales and marketing departments. The CRM will be dramatically improving selling effectiveness of up-selling and cross-selling amongst product families.

The gap between sales and marketing is something that is holding many companies back a bit. It’s not too large, yes, but when the team is like a Swiss watch profit increases dramatically. That gap is making customer experience a bit less than you want it to be.

What organizations are constantly looking for is a way of properly tracking their customer’s interactions from marketing and straight to sales and further. Collaboration on leads as well as opportunities, measurable metrics is what Microsoft promises to grant businesses.


The new Dynamics CRM will be fairly acquainted to other Microsoft’s business assistants such as Skype, Office 365, Yammer, Share Point, Lync and others. Thus different divisions and departments will be able to work together with something more than merely other team’s calendar. Microsoft are actually calling it the unique end-t-end service that’s available in the market. This solution will be available in multiple languages for further comfort and will not be a set of various little things that are constantly changing their little fees. We’ll see how that will work out.