Mini Apps? And With Business Value?

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on May 13, 2015

Mini Apps? And With Business Value?
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Mini Apps?

We are facing a new trend today that grows large with enormous speed. Hundreds of companies, both large and small are now unbundling their applications. Unbundling is a process of breaking a larger app into several mini apps, smaller pieces that provide less functionality and more streamlined experience. A nice example of this approach would be the latest changes to the messaging functionality Google and Facebook have already used.

What’s in it for you?

Your business may directly gain from such an approach with using this technology in your supply chain functionality. Especially when business intelligence is being triggered with such an approach. Your supply chain management is the best fitting system and one of the best places where mini app technology may be put to its best.

Users require simplicity and ease of use, so if one app may be designed to simply perform one task, thus granting flawless experience, why shouldn’t it? That’s how giants like Facebook and Google think, that is what internet and app users want, so why the hold up? But we were previously talking about business intelligence, weren’t we?

Mini Apps used in business intelligence

Surely ease of use and simplicity may not be a stand-alone business intelligence metric, however try breaking your business processes into separate pathways. That is how these kinds of metrics will deliver accurate results right at your doorstep.

So you may be looking for astonishing solutions for users to easily jump from one KPI to another. This may be your, so called, ‘first-class experience’ objective. So what can you do to improve these processes? Unbundle your solid business intelligence experience and thus create fractions of metrics from your KPIs that will be easily accessed. These fractions we were talking about must become dedicated sets of metrics, which will furthermore support your business strategy.

This way all quality metrics that tend to go in any direction that is opposite to what you require will be easily spotted. Even more, you will be able to determine the reason of this happening quickly thus you will have time for a fast response. You can easily go through the messaging framework or collaborate with every team member involved to ensure fixes and twigs are delivered in the best possible manner without heavy time losses. Divide and conquer, as Julius Cesar once said.