Mobile Monday Ukraine new season is opened!

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 1, 2007

Mobile Monday Ukraine new season is opened!

On January 22 2007 after a short break MoMo Ukraine Organizers, mobile software development company QArea and consulting company Talent Control, were hosting a large event in Kiev opening a new season of Mobile Monday Ukraine.

Over 180 people gathered in the main conference-venue of a business-centre Leonardo in the very heart of Ukrainian capital. The goal of the meeting was to discuss trends and development strategies of VAS market in Ukraine. Among the participants were the representatives from not only Ukrainian and Russian cities, but also France, Great Britain, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, Holland, the USA and Denmark.

On this Mobile Monday one of the most urgent topics of Ukrainian mobile business “The development of VAS market in Ukraine based on international experience” was discussed. The representatives of such famous companies as Ericsson, Samsung, QUALCOMM, Sonopia Corporation, Irdeto as well as top-managers of the largest Ukrainian mobile operators like Kyivstar, UMC, Beeline, life:), GoldenTelecom; largest Ukrainian CDMA operator Velton.Telecom, newest 3G operator PEOPLEnet, content providers, media holdings and mass media representatives gathered to listen to the speakers. The conference was opened by Dimitri Francois (GAMELOFT, Paris) with his presentation “Why VAS must be a high quality driven & mass market?” The second speaker was Aleksey Danilin (iKS-Consulting, Kyiv) with the speech “How The Non-Voice Sounds: Trends, Developments and Strategies in Ukraine’s VAS-Market.” Almost a complete surprise for all the participants was practically unplanned presentation of Nadejda Antsiferova (Next Media Group, Moscow) on the topic “Placement Management on Operator Deck.” And finally, the last brilliant presentation by Roman Savvin (Kyivstar, Kyiv) who told about the development perspectives of WAP services in Ukraine closed the official part of the conference.

Also during the conference 2 Ukrainian scientists from the engineering agency AntenNet made a brief presentation of their new invention. Benjamin Stepanyan, Head of the Project, together with his colleague Vasiliy Odnorozhenko demonstrated their innovative product which enables to optimize and make cheaper the conversion of 2D images into 3D. Their product is a special film – detachable optical device which is attached to the screen for conversion of 2D image into 3D. In this way using the film without any expenses for buying new technique with 3D support, a user can get a 3D image on the screen of his mobile terminal or any other 2D device. As the developers claim, their innovation will soon go into production in China but the product will be put on the market under the Ukrainian brand.

The conference ended with networking of the participants over a glass of the best Ukrainian wine from Crimea provided by the “Golden Amphora”.