Mobile Predictions For 2014 And What They Mean For Businesses

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 24, 2014

Mobile Predictions For 2014 And What They Mean For Businesses
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No need to emphasize a commonly known fact of intensive increasing of mobile devices’ popularity and use in these latter days. The exponential growth of mobile users makes businesses consider this new channel as an important platform for their activity. Ignoring mobile customers means falling behind more innovative competitors. 2014 will not be the first year of mobile brisk growth but it will be a year of the prevalence of mobile contacts between companies and their consumers.

In order to know how to take advantage of mobile users’ behaviors it is important to be aware of key mobile trends we are going to face in 2014. Although tech industry is really hard for making any predictions and at the end of the year they might seem ridiculous, we still can make some presumptions for at least the nearest future based on current situation.

  1. The need for speed

The expansion of internet on ease of access to in on mobile devices makes users more exacting and demanding. They become more impatient and want to get information they need right now without any delays. They might be irritated if they have to wait for too long while interacting with your mobile app or mobile version of your website.

In this way, companies have to design fast and optimized sites for the best mobile user experience. Otherwise, they might lose a part of their customers who can find a faster alternative. So, 2014 will probably be the year of keeping the importance of speed for mobile users in mind when creating websites.

  1. The importance of apps quality

With the growth of the number of mobile applications users become more selective and the high level of competition allows them to be picky. They are not likely to download the first app they see unless they trust it. The ratings and comments play a core role here. Apps with fewer than four star ratings will hardly survive. The users’ expectations become higher and if they are not satisfied after downloading some app, this app will most probably be removed. That is why in order to gain large audience mobile apps will have to improve user interfaces, create innovative experience and quality helpful content.

  1. Mobile payments will prevail

Making payments with mobile devices is a simple, quick and safe way of making transactions. Services like Google Wallet, PayPal, MasterPass, PayWave provide mobile wallets which are revolutionizing the way people pay for goods and services. Total domination of mobile payments is obviously not predicted for 2014 so far and their use in daily payments will hardly overpass traditional transactions. But the growth of this segment is inevitable and businesses should make sure that their customers can easily do shopping online through their smartphones and tablets.

  1. The mobile web extinction

The distorted versions of websites with those starting with “m.” or “mobile.” URLs are dying off. The stripped-down, limited versions of sites are unacceptable in our times as users demand high-quality experience with no restrictions that can somehow worsen their impressions of interacting with the site. Companies should take it to consideration and develop a unified responsive interface for desktops and mobiles. Or, as an alternative, create the mobile application specifically for mobile devices.


In general, the major trend for 2014 is a movement of mobiles from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ devices. People become more dependant on their devices than ever. Businesses should take this trend as an opportunity to reach their customers and take advantage of this opportunity. Providing seamless and exciting mobile experience is a key to success. QArea offers wide range of mobile development services for businesses and private persons.