MobileAppDaily lists QArea in its Top 20+ Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies report

by Anna Khrupa on Sep 22, 2022

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One of the leading healthcare software solutions providers, QArea received a nomination from MobileAppDaily in its Top 20+ Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies report. Founded in 2001, this healthcare app development company has worked with clients like Kroodle, SkyHook, Dashlane, Huff Post, and more. 

The reputation that QArea built in the industry displays it as a trustworthy tech partner for affordable and fast healthcare app development solutions. Since its inception, experts at QArea have helped its past clients in building leading software solutions. 

Its expertise includes tech requirements such as MVP development, prototyping, digital transformation, startup scaling, web app development, mobile app development, and more. The experts at QArea possess expertise in some of the leading technologies like AI, Flutter, PHP, WordPress, and more.

QArea experts are also well-known for assisting clients at every stage of the development – starting from brainstorming to delivery, maintenance, and upgrades. Whether you have an idea of the product that you want, or a full-fledged product ready to upgrade, QArea can help you in getting some high-quality solutions.

Why did MobileAppDaily pick QArea?

MobileAppDaily is a tech magazine visited and used by millions of tech enthusiasts monthly. Its user base includes students, tech industry professionals, leaders, tech enthusiasts, and other such segments of regular readers. Additionally, MobileAppDaily also publishes well-researched reports regularly that include top apps and top tech companies from several categories. 

These company reports can be top healthcare developers, top AI developers, top blockchain solution providers, and more. On the other hand, for top apps, you can find out about adventure games, top book reading apps, and other in-depth reports.

The goal of MobileAppDaily is to become a bridge between top companies and potential clients or top apps and potential users. Publishing and updating reports regularly also provides tech companies with an opportunity to become visible in front of potential clients or users. 

Now, after reviewing QArea, MobileAppDaily experts found themselves impressed with the reviews that the company had received from its previous clients. Thus, MobileAppDaily decided to list QArea in its report titled Top 20+ Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies.

This nomination comes as a reward for the hardworking and dedicated people at QArea who come together to offer the best quality services to their clients. Also, this event is a milestone reflecting the positive outcomes QArea provides through its tech product deliveries.



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