MobileTV Forum: sponsored by QArea

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 14, 2007

MobileTV Forum: sponsored by QArea
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Keeping up with the most outstanding events in the mobile industry QArea is going to sponsor MobileTV Forum which is the first significant international event in the countries of Eastern Europe and CIS dedicated to mobile TV services taking place in Kiev on May 29 . The purpose of the event is to introduce the most successful cases of deployment of mobile broadcasting based on the standards DVB-H, DMB, etc. in the Western Europe, Asia and America and discuss the current situation and the prospects of digital mobile broadcasting implementation in the countries of Eastern Europe and CIS.

Why we believe in Mobile TV?

According to many industry specialists 2007 is supposed to become a year of broad implementation of mobile TV globally. The main reason for that is introduction and development of 3G networks (high speed wireless data transfer technologies of the third generation). Second, mobile terminals manufacturers offer a wide choice of devices capable of transmitting TV. Besides, high speed processors and displays of high resolution provide video reproduction of rather high quality. Today many experts consider mobile TV the most perspective direction of mobile services development, numerous surveys show that over 80 per cent of respondents would like to watch TV programs right on their cell phones. According to a recent study of ABI Research in 2011 mobile TV services will be used by 514 mln subscribers worldwide (by the end of 2005 they made up only 6,4 mln).

As a company specializing in software development for wireless devices, QArea provides a range of services applicable to mobile broadcasting. Thus, QArea experts have extensive experience in the development of complex client/server applications and viewers for wireless devices capable of broadcasting mobile TV. Besides, the company forward-looking specialists also forecast that mobile TV services will soon enjoy wide popularity in Ukraine. In addition, the launch of the first Ukrainian 3G operator PEOPLEnet has approached the moment when our favorite TV programs will be available right on our mobile devices. Recently the representatives of PEOPLEnet already announced testing of mobile TV service on their network in Ukraine.

Thus, the MobileTV Forum will become a starting point for cooperation between Ukraine’s telecom market representatives and foreign mobile TV service providers and operators as well as a great opportunity to define development trends of mobile communication and new generation services in Ukraine.