Mojito – framework for web application development by Yahoo

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 11, 2012

Mojito – framework for web application development by Yahoo
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Recently Yahoo released an open-source web application framework called Mojito. This framework aims to fasten the application’s creating for developers, so apps can work on all the major device platforms, including PCs, as well as Android and iOS based smartphones.
While there is nothing new in the field of frameworks for web application development, Yahoo is positioning Mojito being a different and new one because it addresses the issues of content delivering to devices that are hardly related with each other.

What is Mojito?

Mojito is used by software developers for the application writing using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Such an app can run both on the client, which has an embedded JavaScript engine, and on the server, which uses the evolving Node.js platform. Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, a chief architect from Yahoo’s platform technology group, said: “That provides an opportunity for the application to switch between rendering on the server or on the client, which bandwidth is limited, offering a great experience for the user”
Mojito was announced by Yahoo in November, 2011. Yahoo has made the code available to developers in April under the open-source license. It claims Mojito to be a free tool for developers to move from “proprietary and closed” platforms such as Apple’s iOS, as well as from the hard choice between the different platforms for development.
Previously Mojito was used by some publishers to deliver magazines, interactive ads and newspapers. A few Mojito applications were released to show new possibilities, including the iPad application for reading articles from various sources.


Mojito is a part of Cocktail, which is much broader project. Cocktail is focused on building a web presentation platform for devices. There is a Manhattan that is also involved in the Cocktail project. This is a Yahoo-hosted server environment, based on Node.js, where developers could host their apps.
Soon Manhattan will be opened for the small group of Javascript developers, but Yahoo announced that when it is totally ready it will be opened for a wide audience. Mojito applications can run and work in any environment that supports Node.js, such as Amazon Web Services.
Yahoo is now being involved into a long and hard struggle for the Internet leadership positions it once held. The company was frequently rumored to be a target for a takeover. Also Yahoo had numerous leadership changes in recent times. Certainly, these facts may prevent developers from moving to a new platform from Yahoo.
Fernandez-Ruiz ensured application developers that they may calm about the safety of the project due to the fact that it is open source.