Mozilla to develop mobile OS for the Web

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 3, 2011

Mozilla to develop mobile OS for the Web
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Mozilla OS

Boot to Gecko, the project will deploy some code from Android.

Last Monday Mozilla has launched a new project to develop an operating system for mobile gadgets which will run apps principally on the Web.

According to a post which a group of Mozilla developers published on a wiki page concerning the project, they wrote that they wanted to find the gaps which keep web developers from possibility to create applications which are – in any case – the equals of native applications developed for the Android, iPhone and WP7.

The project is called Boot to Gecko (B2G) and it is planned to build a “full standalone operating for the open web”.

The aim appears alike to one the Google published when it started work on Android. One of its lead developers, Andreas Gal stated the ultimate target was breaking of the stranglehold of possessive technologies over the world of mobile devices.

Today developers have to re-write their applications to put their running on the different mobile platforms. Over the past decade there have been a lot of attempts to build technologies which allow developers to write an app only once and have it run on multiple mobile operating systems, but none of them have worked well enough.

With the advent of HTML5, some people have supposed that a growing number of mobile applications may run in a browser but it still looks and feel like a native application. But there are still majority who agree that HTML5 heretofore falls a little bit short of that goal.

The developers said that the idea lies in not to have applications run only within Firefox. They revealed on the B2G Web page that they are not trying to have the native-grade applications run just on Firefox, they are trying to make them run on the web.

They hope to utilize parts of Android to achieve their goals. One of the lead developers, Mike Shaver wrote on the forum that they intend to deploy as little of Android as possible. He said that they will probably deploy the Android drivers and kernel because they offer a starting point which may already boot.

The developers also stated that they are going to work “in the open”, revealing the source code within real time and operating through standards groups for relevant pieces.