Mysteries of the Web Part II: A585
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Mysteries of the Web Part II: A585

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Alex PR manager
May 27, 2015
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Greetings my fellow mystery lovers! Hope you have enjoyed my previous work on Cicada I have posted some time ago. If not, you should definitely go check it out!

Oh, the mystery…

Isn’t it just great that despite all mankind has achieved there are still numerous riddles and puzzles out there that tickle our minds? Curiosity, I believe is the only thing that differs man from beasts and pushes evolution even further. Surely some say curiosity killed the cat, but I humbly disagree, Curiosity harms no one, ignorance does.

Lucky for us even the Internet, a place we have created still hides secrets from us. Mysteries we are still to reveal answers to pop out here and there, thus amusing and intriguing thousands of people who all thirst but one thing, deeper knowledge! And Reddid has just a things for us, brave detectives!


You all know of Reddit, right? Well, there is something not everybody is aware of, there is this user on Reddit that goes by the name A858DE45F56D9BC9. What’s so mysterious in a terrible user name choice? Well, nothing, but his posts are truly fascinating. This user posts long strings of encrypted data inside a sub-Reddit of his/her/its own making. Lord, even specialized software was created to serve this purpose. Lots and more people have devoted themselves towards decrypting those messages.

Some really crazy theories wonder around the origin of A858 and the code this user publishes from mental illnesses the person posting this has and up to the theory this code is generated with an AI that is still under development and learns how to communicate.

There are several statements that some messages were decrypted, however there is no actual proof of this fact. What does this mysterious code mean? Who knows? Those who do, remain silent, and those who talk are not worth asking. Interesting, right?

So tell me?!

Are you up for more mysteries?


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