Nail Off-Site Search Engine Optimization!

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 30, 2015

Nail Off-Site Search Engine Optimization!
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Off-Site SEO?

SEO optimization may be done in two different ways: On- and Off-Site. Whilst On-Site Search Engine Optimization is literally a set of activities you are doing with your actual website in order for in to rank higher in Google or yahoo, etc. like work with tags and backlinks Off-Site SEO is a set of activities you are doing outside, literally advertising and marketing activities you will require external support for.

Some nice examples of Off-Site SEO are Social Media Marketing (to some extent) and blogging as well as Blog marketing.  You are literally free to create entire networks of links leading to your resources. Google understands such networks as proof of authority and treats your primary page with more respect. Social media campaigns, link building, and article marketing are but few examples of Off-Site SEO.

Pro tips!

  1. First of all determine the list of influences in your area of business. Make a list of all to blogs that are relevant or at least related to your area of interest. Read content they are posting. For a while. A really long while. Up until you do get a clear picture of how things are working for this or that blog. Interact with blogs through comments. Develop lasting relationships. Value a great discussion and try be a valuable part of it. Make people behind these blogs value your opinion. Eventually you will be granted with a great opportunity to publish guest blog posts on top resources which have enormous amounts of visitors that are actually valid to your business. And there definitely will be a backlink guiding new fish towards your nets.
  2. Guest blog often on all relevant resources. You can never know where your potential lead may be hiding. Blogs, whether your own or external are great places where people travel here and there with backlinks. So make them end up at your landing page.
  3. Content promotion is vital as well. As long as content is managed and designed effectively. However, before you begin any work with your new content consider whether it is great and whether it’s valuable to your Target Audience. If yes, you may have just located a brand new gold mine. However, good content differs from unique, great content! Nevertheless, if you have managed to create just such things people will love and have never seen before be sure to share all on Social Media and the machine will be rolling steady from there and on as friends will share with friends.

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