Napatech Announces New Software that Accelerates Appliance Development

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 18, 2011

Napatech Announces New Software that Accelerates Appliance Development
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On 15 of February Napatech announced the release of a new software suite which assures to make network appliance development simpler and faster. The Napatech Software Suit contains critical functionality as well which may quicken the performance of network appliances.

The Napatech Software Suite offers both s streamlined API (Application Programming Interface) and hardware abstraction that permits network appliance vendors to easily and quickly profit by advantage of full range of Napatech’s intelligent network adapters.

Hardware abstraction provides multitude intelligent network adapters of various types to be united in a standard server platform on a plug-and-play basis. The identical feature set may be presented independent of the speed of the port that allows flexible port combinations of 1 G and 10 G which may be changed if required.
The Napatech Software Suite supplies functionality for data merge of traffic from thousands network adapters into a one stream. This efficiently makes multitude network adapters turn out to be one of numerous multi-port network adapters. One more thing is that data sharing functionality let this only stream to be distributed among multitude applications which require the analysis of the same data in real-time.

The main advantages which are provided by the Napatech Software Suite to our OEM customers are speed and flexibility, said CEO, Napatech, Henrik Brill Jensen. He also added that all that is necessary is to develop the application software only once and then determine which Napatech network adapter combination runs best in the specific deployment. They may also determine how many applications to unite in one standard server platform. The Napatech Software Suite API is made as simple and clean as possible, in order that clients can get up and operating with Napatech network adapters by minimum effort.

Napatech supports a large number of open-source software applications which may help customers to accelerate their development as well. It comprises of:

  • Ostino for Traffic Generation
  • OISF’s Suricata for IPS/IDS development
  • Wirshark for Network Analysis
  • SNORT for IPS/IDS development
  • YAF for Flow Analysis