New Nokia X2: Can’t Beat Them – Join Them!

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 26, 2014

New Nokia X2: Can’t Beat Them – Join Them!
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Microsoft seems to enjoy releasing Android based smartphones that are competing with MS’s own Windows Phone OS. And only after a few month since they have released debut Android smartphones Nokia X and Nokia XL they have presented their improved Nokia X2. As said by Microsoft the X2 smartphone is offering a way of hooking users into using cloud-based services. Some of them come pre-installed.

And, perhaps their strategy works. The previous models became bestsellers in Pakistan, the third best-selling models in India and are taking leading positions on the Russian, Kenyan and Nigerian markets.

Let’s look through the Nokia X2 new features:

  • X2’s design repeats the one of its predecessor. The screen is surrounded with bright plastic cover. But now the plastic has two layers, and the colored one is covered with its transparent brother. Thus a very interesting phone appearance was achieved. The screen is now 4.3 inches but the resolution was not changed (480 X 800 pixels). The device now has the Home button that Android fans are so used to.
  • X2 is powered with a 2-core Qualcomm processor with a 1.2 frequency. It is also finally equipped with 1 GB RAM which should be enough for successful operations of most of modern apps. The main 5 MPX camera is now equipped with a flash and autofocusing. And the device also has a frontal camera.
  • The firmware has also advanced and now is called the Software Platform 2.0. Three types of screen are there for you to choose which one you would prefer. Though the phone is not supported by Google it has all that it might need from Microsoft (Skype,, OneNote, OneDrive with 15 GB of free virtual space for keeping files and other) and Yandex (Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Store, Yandex.Browser). Various messengers and social network clients are available on the Nokia Store.

And it comes for a good price (99 euros) in comparison to the price of the previous models that was not that drastically lower.

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