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The New & Smarter Rubik’s Cube! Developed in Ukraine

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July 17, 2014
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A Rubik’s Cube, designed for your smartphone

A team of developers from Kharkov, Ukraine – the Electronerds has begun raising money for their new project via the Kickstarter. Lots of other software development teams were helped by such services. The goal is $30 thousand in one month period, while they’ve received $3.3 during the first day. So the project has all the chances to succeed. But what are they constructing?

Their project, the LEDmeKnow is a smart box that allows you to see notifications of incoming calls, massages from social networks, etc. The device looks like the mentioned above Rubik’s cube, where every single square lights up with a color when you receive a call or a massage on your phone. It works via the BlueTooth technology. The color will represent a contact or a group of contacts.

What’s it for?

In the present world people can get over-attached to their phones, waste a lot of time for useless conversations missing the really important stuff. A romantic moment can be ruined because of a ringing phone with a call from some Mike dude you barely know that simply has nothing to do and is calling just because he’s bored waiting for his bus.

But we live in a world where an important business call can’t be missed. Some missed calls are worth lots of money. So what’s the solution? A silent notification you can see and choose to ignore or to answer. That’s what the LEDmeKnow is for. Place it where you can see it, turn the sound of your cell off and enjoy yourself without fear of missing something important.

About the team

The Eloctronerds is a team with specialists in the field of development of nice, useful software, led by Vlad Prilytsky who has experience of managing projects for several European IT companies. Some team members were a part of the iBlazr team (a one more successful Ukrainian startup). The box is now operating with iOS only, yet the developers are now working on making it multi-platform. Some Android software is done by now.


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