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No more Automatic Follow Backs on Twitter

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July 10, 2013
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No more Automatic Follow Backs on TwitterSince last week Twitter no longer allows its users automatically following back other user’ accounts. Now in order to follow someone who has followed your account first you will have to press a button manually.
On July 4th Twitter representative claimed that the clause which permitted automated follow backs was removed thus making users decide themselves after manual review whether to follow back or not. As it was said, Twitter team would like its users to review their followers manually and just then to decide whether they want to visit followers’ accounts.

While many users do not want to change their habits and do not perceive the novelty, some of them still rejoice in changes and support the move. Such users consider that with auto-following spammers and people aiming to build huge networks can automate such process which is wrong. Non-strategic, non-targeted followers are just worthless numbers gaming the system. Building a network online does not differs from doing so in real life where there is no auto-follows.

Others who criticize the change consider such restriction to dictate Twitter users how they must use this social media service.
As one of the users mentioned, he did not personally review his home timeline using tweetdeck for filtering not interesting things. And he thinks it is none of Twitter’s business to manage the way he personally used to utilize Twitter services.

Another user foretells that Twitter will follow the example of MySpace and will become too restrictive and as a result less popular. He also thinks Twitter does not guess right the way its users would like to use this platform.
All in all, this Twitter’s move makes some think if this is a harbinger of more restrictions to happen. There are already a number of business accounts which have been suspended in error not so long ago. According to comments these suspensions are not the last ones. So it seems that Twitter is becoming more and more restrictive.

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