Now That Is How You Hire A Developer!

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 10, 2015

Now That Is How You Hire A Developer!
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How may you be certain you are hiring the right person into the team responsible for maintenance and even development of the solutions you either use internally or sell to users? You should ask the person. It’s really that easy as long as you know what to ask, exactly.

Here are a few questions you may use with some info about the answers you should expect. This content would be of use and interest to people fresh in the industry and may add value to some advanced interviewers as well.

  • First of all ask for some proof of talent. Sure there are degrees and other things however all they are proving that a candidate has spent some time in some classes whilst development requires more actual experience in the field. And many developers, amazing ones in deed were following their passion and studied all on their own and are at points even better than Ivy League graduates. So a small sample of work that proves professionalism is required in all cases no matter how fact the resume may look.
  • Ask how your candidate handles estimates. Surely it is never possible of predicting everything in advance with today’s development but the skill of being really close to that may be a lifesaver. Your developer should be capable of producing such close estimates in a realistic, pessimistic and optimistic manners.
  • Speaking of which, how does the person you are interviewing handle deadlines? The best fitting answer is the realization that you are holding all the keys to deadlines hence you are the customer basically and considering we are mostly facing Agile teams today and development consists of small chunks you will be the one setting up priorities.
  • How will your potential developer be keeping his finger on the updating industry? You already are aware that huge explosions of new amazing solutions are popping out like mushrooms after a September rain. And any decent developer should be in a constant hunt for more knowledge and skill advancements. Every great developer I have met is like the opposite of stereotypes claiming all are geeks with no social life. They absolutely adore code and all related to it, that is a fact but today there are entire communities where great developers are communicating and sharing. Your candidate has to be aware of such communities and should take part in them.
  • Then we have the questions related to the development process. Most teams and businesses are deeply into Agile today however you may require something else like the less trendy Waterfall model, etc. So make sure your new candidates will feel great in the environment you are going to place them.
  • Then come the technical aspects like toolsets or known languages and best practices, etc. Whatever you may be demanding from the technical side of your developer. With some additional proof as already mentioned above.

This short list should do the trick in guiding you towards finding dedicated development team.

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