One is good, two is better!

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

One is good, two is better!
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QArea representatives were invited abroad again! This time the software engineers of QArea visited Cambridge, an old English university town, one of the most beautiful places in England. It is situated not far from London and known not only for The University of Cambridge, which is considered one of the world’s most academically prestigious universities. It is also the heart of the high-technology centre known as Silicon Fen. So what brought them so far from Ukraine? Let’s find out everything step by step:


Twin-brothers George and Nick, two of the most experienced QArea Java developers had a business trip to Cambridge.


October 2006


QArea created a dedicated team especially for one of our existing customers to work on their large long-term project, innovative mobile search system. After several months of development process successfully progressing in QArea Ukrainian offices, George and Nick, the project managers, were invited to Cambridge to introduce current results to their London colleagues. During an incredible week they also managed to meet the investors of the project and discuss all the technical issues and future plans as for the launch of next version of the system they are creating.

And what?

First: The client is happy: all the key points of the new version are discussed, the system is optimized and the functionality is completed.

Second: The twins were absolutely captivated by the wonderful trip they experienced as it was a great chance to combine business and pleasure to the best advantage. Let’s see what they say about it:

George: The business part was really great. Everyone seemed to be absolutely satisfied with the scope of work we’ve done. We had a lot of successful meetings and discussed all that was planned and even a bit more. So I guess we do have a right to be proud of what was achieved! And though that was a business trip, we still had enough time to enjoy our stay in England and have real fun!

Nick: So the non-business part was even more exciting as we managed to explore the wonderful city, its most interesting and fascinating places. You know, this is sometimes difficult to be by yourself in an unknown place but our client was very attentive to us, so together with him we were lucky to visit almost all the attractions of Cambridge! Such a nice company of a resident gave us a chance to experience real English hospitality and we felt at home during all our visit.

George: We were also greatly impressed by the town itself: though it’s very small comparing to our native Kharkiv (with a bit unusual for us narrow streets and lack of parking place), there are a lot of wonderful historical places and the old architecture is really majestic. Besides, the town is absolutely clean!

Nick: What we didn’t expect at all was that we really liked the British food. Everything: bread, butter, fish, meet dishes, vegetables, fresh fruit and of course beer was absolutely delicious! We visited a lot of restaurants and each offered a wonderful menu. So, in a word, our trip was unforgettable in every way and we are already anticipating the next one!

About QArea: QArea is one of the largest offshore software development companies in Eastern Europe since 2001. It is primarily focused on application development for handheld devices, (J2ME development), Symbian, WinCE (Windows Mobile), Palm devices and related. QArea mobile department has gained extended experience and portfolio in games development for Brew, J2ME-enabled and Symbian handhelds. Besides, QArea cultivates strong .NET and Java development teams performing standalone and web-application development services.