Outsourcing Data Storages: a Blissful Relief or Security Nightmare?

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 22, 2015

Outsourcing Data Storages: a Blissful Relief or Security Nightmare?
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Data is worth significantly more than gold and diamonds today. It’s worth more than any money, however there is a curious difference that adds significance to the equation. Gold and diamonds are valuable because they come in small numbers, while there are hundreds of terabytes of data. Such volumes of information require accurate and secure storages some businesses might not afford maintaining in-house. But is outsourcing data and storages to businesses who are tailored to do so a great idea?

Will your data be safer with others?

A peculiar case took place several years ago when the federal program for Lifeline subsidy ended up leaving all their data absolutely available online without even a password being required. It’s not technically the subsidiary program’s fault as data was left unguarded in Indian storages by a company Lifeline outsourced data-related processes to.

And the danger does not lie in storage only. Numerous data-related activities may lead to unexpected disclosures or even provide flaws exposable in hacking. Any particular activity, let’s say mining from a Big Data pool or  simple background checks may lead to numerous security vulnerabilities that leave copies of sensitive, personal data out there in the open while the original is safe and sound. But does this mean a business cannot trust any third party vendor with any bit of data?

It’s all about the attitude

It’s not that all businesses should store and operate with their data through in-house maintained interfaces, equipment and tools. Data can and should be outsourced to companies who truly have the means to resolve business issues and make operations cheaper and more productive. That’s the way business works: better quality for less costs.

However outsourcing should be treated wisely. You can always offshore data processing, however your personal responsibilities to your clients, users, co-workers and your company itself cannot be outsourced. Protection of data should remain your priority, not someone else’s.

So how does one outsource data and remain secured?

Every business victory or failure usually comes down to the choices we have made. Our subject is not of difference. Wise choice of the service provider is 95% of success. You must only trust any data to businesses with years of experience, decent reviews and testimonials, impressive lists of satisfied customers. Your potential partner should inspire trust.

And, despite the choice you have wisely made your business still has its share of chores. Double-check every possible breach, data-related activity, encryption procedures. It may prove to be a little more expensive in maintenance, but such activities save millions and brand-names in the long run.