Outsourcing: Transform Your Largest Fears into Fascinating, Profitable Experiences

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 20, 2015

Outsourcing: Transform Your Largest Fears into Fascinating, Profitable Experiences
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Outsourcing is a valuable business activity that opens a brand new world of opportunities to multiple companies of all shapes and sizes. Any company can trust vendors with work like IT development while remaining primary focus on sales or marketing or any other critical process. Outsourcing reduces development costs hence no need to maintain and equip an in-house team + any business gains experts with years of experience. The list of these benefits may go on and on, however outsourcing hides many dangers as well.

Master the art of outsourcing

It’s always intimidating to trust your creation into someone else’s hands. Nor should business be lead that way without careful consideration. Outsourcing hides many dangers and there are numerous service providers that lack experience, tools, skills and quality. Working with such teams will surely cause severe amounts of damage.  However benefits competent outsourcing providers can offer are hard to refuse. How to decide whether to outsource and more importantly who should a business work with?

  • Outsource only what MUST be outsourced. Don’t go heads on with outsourcing all of your processes. Ensure any actual interactions with end-users or customers are done in-house. Make sure your business will never loose competitive advantage because of outsourcing. This is achieved easily by remaining in control over all activities of development that are not done in-house.
  • Plan your budget. Many providers have hidden fees and numerous other ways to strip businesses of their money. Outsourcing is an activity that is meant to save money and cannot require more resources that internal development. So determine all pricing policies and possible fees you will be paying before collaboration and work begin.
  • Testimonials. Any company’s status is determined by customers. You can easily make sure whether any outsourcing provided has been working with players of your level or teams from your industry earlier. And you can determine whether they have done a great job as well. Surely not all websites of outsourcing providers will display feedback from earlier customers (especially if such feedback was negative) but you can find out all the data you need after researching internet, social media, forums, etc.
  • Analyze through communication. You will be able to know a lot by simply talking to your potential partner’s representatives. Try asking as much questions as possible and don’t learn from answers. Listen to the way and the form information is given to you.

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