Part 1. 5 Code Tricks You Absolutely Need on Your Social Media Site

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 10, 2014

Part 1. 5 Code Tricks You Absolutely Need on Your Social Media Site
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Becoming mainstream, social media sites also affect web developers. Given the success of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, developers have started adopting some social media practices in their own sites.

With the help of several key coding techniques presented below, building a social portal is not very hard.

  1. Activity Stream

People are fascinated to know about their friends’ activities, that’s why your site need an activity stream. Joomla offers its user feed plugin, while Drupal provides its activity stream module for this this purpose.

  1. Invite a friend

Every social media platform has the desire to get “viral” at its heart. The “invite a friend” script furrows into a customer’s email address book helping them to find and link contacts who are members of that social media site as well, and possibly invite those contacts who aren’t that site’s members yet.

  1. Private Messaging

This is another must-have feature for a social media portal. A great news about this facility is that many CMS scripts have it built in already. Benefit from their pre-built private messaging functionality to keep the visitors happy about chatting easily with each other.

  1. Recommendation Engine

Displaying recommended or relevant content seems like an excellent way of increasing on-site activity, that’s why you should really get a recommendation engine on your social site. The Drupal CMS offers its Content Recommendation Module based on the popular Slope One Algorithm.

  1. User Authentication

There are many methods of setting up a system for user management, and it depends on a developer’s preference. If you’d like a more to building your site, you might try a like Django (python) and CakePHP (PHP) frameworks provide a well-tuned approach to creating your authentication system. In case you want to spend little time on authentication, try some content management system such as Drupal (PHP).

These were the 5 essential code techniques you should implement in a social media site if you want to really succeed with your audience. Read the continuation of this topic in our next article called ‘5 More Code Tricks You May Want on Your Social Media Site’.