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Part 2. 5 More Code Tricks You May Want on Your Social Media Site

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April 15, 2014
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In our previous article ‘5 Code Tricks You Absolutely Need on Your Social Media Site’ we talked about must-have coding features for a social site and easy ways to implement them.

Treating those as a basis, consider also the following 5 tricks that will definitely complete the successful image of your site.

  1. API

Instead of needing to fulfill every new feature request, an API lets anyone mash your data up up and display it in the way they want. Despite there’s no absolutely good way to create a great API without some advanced programming, such API Management software as 3Scale allows for easy and quick creation of your web service API .

  1. Different Ways of Viewing Data

Another superb way to raise the clicks on a site is adding useful navigation which highlights various ways of data viewing such as stories and statuses. Everyone has individual preferences, so allowing users the flexibility of tailoring their experience while viewing the site is a great incentive that keeps them back on your site.

  1. Status Updates

Telling the world what you’re after at the moment is a popular way of adding engagement to your site. Status updates and microblogging is just a matter of getting some  limited content type with the ability to comment it. Drupal and Joomla make it easy to create a content type with a limited characters number and allow for commenting as well.

  1. Voting

Voting on content is in the focus of most social sites. Besides the psychological aspect providing control, this feature also provides many engagement factors to your site. There are lots of great libraries for implementing voting to sites, tailored for different platforms and languages. With its robust Voting API, Drupal lets you hook voting in many other of Drupal modules. Joomla also has over 20 voting extensions.

  1. Widgets

Many social media platforms including Twitter allow you to incorporate JavaScript and Flash widgets which show the latest interactions over these sites. Adding a widget into your social solution, you’re improving it’s viral factor. Most widgets usually derive from some simple piece of Flash or JavaScript and can be made with the help of RSS feeds and API calls. Such inspirational sites as WidgetBox enable every web developer to easily and quickly create a widget.

Use the above facilities to complement your social portal’s attraction and effectiveness.


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