Photoshop Scripting How & Why?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 29, 2014

Photoshop Scripting How & Why?
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Automation may be used in practically any area of IT. It does even save time and effort… sometimes. And it does so with Adobe Photoshop. Automation helps with all those boring repetitive things that you usually are supposed to do manually. You may automate the options you are using often. One of the advanced automation techniques is scripting, so please be kind and welcome it into your daily lives.

Most designers are aware of them. Yet they just don’t use them because they believe that it would be hard. Well, it’s not. It’s not something that only math-physics-crazy programmers may do. Everybody can learn with a bit of desire and patience. You’re not developing some new piece of software here, you are simply making your life easier. It’s very much like android. It was raw on the beginning but as app development skill grew, so did the OS itself. Grow as much as you can in the shift able IT business.

Why use scripts, actually?

Why even bother scripting if PS has some nice features as it is? Because of interactivity. That’s why. If you have an action in progress you do not really control it. It’s like a recorded video. It just goes on and over and nothing changes.

When you are recording actions in PS you have to set the proper order of steps in order to gain a particular goal. That is your algorithm. Then you have to record all that and replace them in you Photoshop one at a time. Scripting is similar. Yet you won’t be doing all that routine in PS. You will write a script that is doing these basic steps that will be written as lines of code. Pretty much all actions already have their scripted protégés. Thus you will be able of writing all the steps in one script. As an addition you will be able to add extra features into their behavior.

And scripts are actually way more dynamic. You can change the action according to the parameters you won’t the flow to take. The ones you’ve scripted. All that can and will be useful.

What will you need?

  • Tools: Adobe has a tool of its own for these purposes. It has the name of ExtendedScript ToolKit.
  • Skills: Some basic skills of Java Script. Not too much. A beginner’s level should be enough. You won’t actually be doing serious stuff as android app development,or any similar actions, right?
  • Languages: Java Script is a shared language on both Windows and Mac OS. Yet they have languages of their own if you would prefer them. It’s VBScript for windows and AppleScript foe Mac.