PHP 5.4 has got a major update
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PHP 5.4 has got a major update

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March 12, 2012
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php5.4We present to your attention the important news for web-developers. Authoritative online sources say that PHP 5.4 has got a major update. Now it can show off better performance in the work with memory and some new features, which we will see in PHP 6.0.

For example, coders got the ability to use:

  • The first one is a trait for decreasing some limits of single inheritance. The coders may to avoid many problems with multiple inheritance and Mixins.
  • The second feature is a trait, that is the same as a class, but PHP developers can use it only as addition to traditional inheritance.
  • In addition, number three is the thing that describes how we can deal with array, just look on the picture.

Another advantage of PHP 5.4 is removing some outdated features, for instance, Magic Quotes. It helps to make a code cleaner, increase the performance, and reduce the volume of using memory. The specialists say the speedup of Durpal and WordPress rose up approximately to 20%.

Finally, Zend Framework v2 is available to programmers too and this one is also a major update.


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