PHP Things You May Have or You May Have Not Known (With Infographics)

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 2, 2015

PHP Things You May Have or You May Have Not Known (With Infographics)
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Did you know all that?

So you are a PHP developer. Or, perhaps you are business owner with several PHP projects. Or your startup focuses on making a brand new Facebook app that will revolutionize social media? In any of those cases deep knowledge of PHP techniques, tools, methodologies, and hacks and so on is essential.

Though all listed above is essential there are still many things that are just fun to know. Like the PHP facts that will be listed below:

  • Once upon a time PHP capitals stood for your very own Personal Home Page. That was back in the good old days when PHP was created. It was originally released in 1995
  • Did you ever know that PHP was written as a CGI set (Common Gateway Interface0 and it was written in ‘C’?
  • Rasmus Lerdorf was PHP’s caring father. He is the one responsible for writing CGI binaries back in 1995
  • PHP 3 base was formed by a rewritten parser back in 1997. By the way, it was launched in 1998 by Andi Gutmans together with Zeev Suraski
  • PHP 3’s code was rewritten again in 1999 thus Zend Engine was born
  • PHP Group is responsible for PHP production nowadays and their implementations serves as a standard today
  • PHP is number one amongs commonly used open source scripting languages
  • 20 million websites have PHP installed. Same goes for more than 1 full million web servers
  • Literally 75% of Web 2.0 is powered with PHP
  • More than 5 million developers are ensuring the above bullets
  • Facebook, Twitter, yahoo, Flickr, Digg and so much more are powered with PHP

This nice set of little facts will add value to your general understanding of how big PHP really is.

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