PHP vs Perl Infographics

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 23, 2012

PHP vs Perl Infographics
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Nowadays web development practice has achieved that level of its history which enables the developers not only to choose what to develop, not only to choose the utilitarian tools for their work, but also to choose the root factor of web development – web development language. There are several competing web development languages today, among which are PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and some others.

We are not going to discuss all of them, but we offer you to learn a cute and interesting infographics which represents the comparison of PHP and Perl languages.

Here we are not having a purpose to recommend any of described languages. The developer’s choice on this subject depends on a range of specific factors, so the developer really is a decision maker. This infographics is aimed to present some objective things related to PHP and Perl that could help to make the most suitable choice. Good luck!

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