Possible Risks in Software Projects

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 12, 2011

Possible Risks in Software Projects


Are you developing any test strategy or test plan for your project? Have you analyzed all the risks correctly in your test strategy or test plan?

Since testing is the last thing of the project it is always under time constraint and pressure. To save your money and time you need to prioritize your testing work. You ask how to do this? All you need is just to be able to judge more and less important testing work. Then you ask how to decide which testing work is more or less important? There is need of risks-based testing.

Risk management and identification are the chief concerns in any offshore IT project. Thanks to effective analysis of software risks you will get effective assignments and planning of work.

Before execution of the program all the risks are recognized, classified and managed. The risks are classified in various categories.

Categories of risks

Budget Risk:


  • Cost overruns
  • Wrong budget estimation
  • Project scope expansion

Technical risks:

Commonly technical risks bring to failure of performance and functionality.

  • No up-to-date technology available or the going technology is in initial stages
  • Difficult integration of project modules
  • Continuous altering requirements
  • It is complex to implement the product

Operational risks:

These are risks of loss owing to inappropriate process implementation; system is failed or other external incidents risks.

Reasons of Operational risks:


  • Insufficient resources
  • Failure to settle the responsibilities
  • Failure to analyze priority conflicts
  • No resource planning
  • No communication inside of team
  • No appropriate subject training

Scheduled risks:

Schedule of the project get slip since tasks and schedule of the project release risks are not allotted appropriately.
Chiefly schedule risks affect on project and ultimately on economy of the company and can bring to project failure.

Usually schedules slip owing to the following reasons:


  • The resources are not trailed appropriately. All the resources such as systems, skills of individuals, staff etc.
  • Unforeseen project scope expansions
  • Wrong time estimation
  • Failure to identify time and complex functionalities required to create those functionalities

Programmatic Risks:

The programmatic risks are the external risks after the operational limits. That is all indefinite risks that are outside of the program control.

The external events may be:


  • Market development
  • Government rule modifies
  • Changing priority and strategy of customer product
  • Running out of fund