Powerful IDE for HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP Development

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 7, 2011

Powerful IDE for HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP Development
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A free portable Windows IDE, CodeLobster PHP Edition 3.8.1 was released by CodeLobster, it makes it easier and quicker to build full-featured websites that are PHP-based. CodeLobster PHP Edition allows software developers, website designers, computer consultants and webmasters to develop PHP programs, without even necessity to buy an expensive PHP IDE.

The new PHP Edition of CodeLobster involves all of the features which you could expect to meet with a pricey software package. It is not necessary to memorize the names of tags, arguments, attributes, or functions because the software has auto complete coding for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and even SQL. Together with its powerful PHP debugger, dynamic and context help files and color-coded highlighting, CodeLobster PHP Edition allows you to build solid PHP programs within less time limits. HTML/CSS code of the program inspector makes it easy to located styles and code anywhere in your web page. It is easy to configure debugger. Functions of debugging include Step Into and Step Over, and you may watch local variables, user variables and the Call Stack when you step throughout the program.

CodeLobster PHP Edition involves heaps of additional features, along with collapsing (code folding), highlighting of paired attributes and tags, tooltips which display the values of variables are marked with a project manager, class view and mouse cursor. It doesn’t matter if you are a website designer who requires an effective IDE for PHP web development , an administrator of network who requires an easy method to create CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP pages quickly, or you are a computer consultant who requires a constant way to develop PHP code for client’s websites an CodeLobster PHP Edition possesses the tools you require.

CodeLobster provides a powerful Professional version of its PHP IDE that involves plug-ins for the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) and frameworks. Moreover of all of the features in the free version, there is the $99.95 Professional version which comprises of plug-ins for the Drupal, Joomla and WordPress CMS environments; plug-ins for the CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Facebook, CakePHP and Smarty frameworks; a SQL manager and support for the JQuery JavaScript Library.