Pros and Cons of PHP Scripting

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 12, 2013

Pros and Cons of PHP Scripting
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PHP scripting language is most often used for Web software development, especially often it is used coupled with some database software, for example MySQL. But it is actually not the only choice while programming. Along with PHP for software development other languages can be exploited including Python, Java, Perl and C#. In order to decide if this language is the best option for you, we offer you to examine its pros and cons:

PHP is Compatible with Full Range of Platforms

One should definitely refer the ability of PHP language to match wide range of platforms to its advantages. Furthermore it is a plus for both web users and programmers. If you install it on a Unix-based server, it will perform well on both Microsoft Windows OS and on Apple’s OS X. For users conquering internet spaces this means that what they will see on their screens does not depend on what is installed on their PCs as opposite to JavaScript.

PHP Is Accessible and Available for Free

Another reason why it is better to develop in PHP is its free installation. Hosting options for most languages are limited while a web programmer using PHP can apply to almost every hosting company to rent some space if he does not have his own server. The fact that PHP language is widespread means there is a large community ready to sample code or offer support if a developer has certain difficulties while using PHP language.

PHP Executes More Slowly Than Most Other Languages

One can divide programming languages into two main types. The first type is a compiled language, one, whose source code needs to be transformed into another form in order to make it adapted for any computer. Another type of languages is scripted or interpreted language where the source code does not need to be translated before reading. As compiled languages are always written for a certain computer, one cannot easily move it from one type of device to another one, that happens when a program cannot be run on a Mac, while a PC has no problems with running it. On the other hand such languages are faster than scripted ones. The reason is that they allow a computer to run them directly. So PHP language is interpreted and proves to be generally slower than most of its competitors.

PHP Requires More Resources

PHP scripting proves to be immensely powerful allowing you creating dynamic web pages, performing calculations, connecting to databases and reading the information from forms. Accordingly all this brings to additional performance cost and requires more resources. If a web page has simple content which does not necessarily need PHP scripting and can be left as HTML page, then PHP language only increases required resources of the server and takes more time to display the same web page than if it would be created with the help of plain HTML.


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