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Pros And Cons Of Using Parallax In Software Development

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April 22, 2014
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Being the biggest trend in web design at the moment, the phenomenon of parallax scrolling brings internet users to a new interactive level of visual experience. An illusion of 3D depth that parallax brings to a site, is a great way to impress visitors.

You can observe parallax scrolling when you see that the background of the website moves at a different speed from the rest of the page. This technique was originally used in 2D video games to make background seem further away and create an illusion of depth during gameplay. This concept has surprisingly become extremely popular in web design 30 years later and is actively used by any software development company and web design company nowadays.

Parallax design is a great opportunity to:

  • Impress visitors with animation and page depth;
  • Make a narrative page and guide viewers through the site;
  • Make visitors stay on your site longer by provoking their curiosity and encouraging them to scroll through the entire page;
  • Lead visitors to calls to action;
  • Increase website authority.

However, a parallax site has certain drawbacks.  Since it usually has only a single long page, it brings several negatives:

  • The load speed of a page with parallax design decreases, and today users are quite impatient.
  • In general, such pages are not SEO-friendly as they allow only one set of meta information, one URL, one effective h1 tag, and limit the number of keywords to use. Nevertheless, this is not critical and there are certain solutions to this issue.
  • Due to the odd format parallax site might frustrate and scare users away, and they would leave the page before even seeing it.
  • Mobile users are not be able to feel the innovative and interactive parallax scrolling of most of the sites utilizing it.
  • One-page sites suffer from lack of the internal page linking throughout the website, which is also bad for SEO.

Troubles listed above do not stop creative designers from keeping up with the times and implementing their ideas. Below are several things to keep in mind when creating a parallax design for a website:

  • Make it friendly for mobile devices
  • Don’t make it too complicated
  • Don’t make parallax just to have it
  • Try to create a visual story
  • Make it fun and engaging
  • Mind old browsers
  • Try to direct the visitor to call to action
  • Create appropriate pre-loading images and assets.


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