PSD to HTML coding: General Tips on Your Website Improvement

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 8, 2013

PSD to HTML coding: General Tips on Your Website Improvement
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Each website passes through all stages of development. However, among all phases one should focus on the phase of improvements and updates. PSD to HTML is a second step on the path of website life cycle. PSD to HTML technologies are changed frequently and as any other web development process affect the quality of your website. This is a process of making your website alive.

So the markup should be thought out to the last detail. Innovative approach could improve this process. What is the coding of your pages? HTML and CSS? What about HTML5, XHTML and CSS3? Are you sure it fits different mobile devices? Quality PSD to CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.), email templates can make your website look more professionally, function correctly and reduce loading time of your pages.

Tips below will help you to optimize an existing website, and will also be useful for those who create a website from scratch. So pay attention to:

1. Design

While improving your website, you must decide whether its design needs to be updated. First, your website should create a good impression, be modern, memorable and unique. Second, the design of the site must comply with its content and be effective to achieve its goals. To accomplish the goals of designers and implement their ideas PSD to HTML layout must be created by professionals who are aware of the latest changes in word of markup.

2. Usability and User Experience

Your website definitely needs optimization if it has low usability. Visiting your website clients should understand what kind of information they will face with on it. Also check the content of the website, for example, the information must be relevant and clear, and the images and buttons should not confuse users. The role of PSD to HTML slicing is also very important here as all pieces of your website should be clear to every visitor and make an entire picture like small puzzles.

3. Marketing

Special attention should be paid to marketing of a website. Information on your website should explain why to apply to your company is the best choice. Page with the contacts and feedback should be easy to use. How often do you update the content of the site? If not, why? Maybe it’s just awkward to do.

4. SEO

Do you pay a lot of attention to SEO? To give a positive answer to this question, make sure that the pages of your website are SEO-friendly, contain a sufficient number of relevant keywords and that pages are interlinked in an adequate way. The website should have fresh sitemaps, necessary Flash or Javascript. And, in turn, it should not duplicate content and have broken links.

5. Features and Functionality

Your website increases its value and becomes competitive if it contains sufficient functionality, including search, online chat and calculator, Google Maps, video and photo galleries and catalogs. Along with implementation of these features you should think of correctness of the code. Good slicing implies W3C valid HTML code.

6. Sociability

Social networks give us a huge potential for business. Make sure that you use it. You should have active accounts in social networks with enough followers, and your website must be linked to them. To increase traffic of the website and the interest to it by the users create a live blog, if you do not have one yet. From the point of view of the PSD to HTML coding make sure your page is user-friendly, loading fast and won’t scare away visitors by its complicated navigation and wrong-implemented design.

7. Mobility

As you know many people today are using mobile devices for viewing sites. So your site in any case should not have a problem being displayed on mobile devices. A website design should be thought over not only to make it possible to view it on a mobile device but also to make the viewing convenient. So PSD to Responsive design and PSD to Mobile ensure that your website will be displayed correctly irrespective of the type of platform, screen resolution, etc.

8. Updates and Maintenance

Content of the site should be easily updated to avoid any need to contact IT staff. If you want to make administrating of your site easier you should use special content management system that meets specificity of your business. The reliability and security of the site should not also cause any doubts.

9. Make a Decision

Once you have understood the main factors that need to be considered when making improvements, it is time to decide whether to redesign a website completely or to change or improve only some elements of the website.

PSD to HTML Steps

Remember that website improvement should be carried out almost every day, because we live in a time of constant changes in the competitive market environment. High quality markup can help you to make your web deals better. Good looking CMS or email templates always look attractive and professionally. It’s up to you how you are going to improve your website: increase the level of your markup skills or hire PSD to HTML experts. This process is still necessary for making user and SEO-friendly, competitive website.

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